Luthes Paris

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Home Accessories

Super Sensitive Stoppin

The nifty endpin stop.
Catalog Numbers: 9452, 9454.

Shoulder Rests: Viva la Musica

Modele Viva Original

SV 811 - Blue
SV 812 - Green
SV 813 - Violet
SV 814 - Red
SV 815 - Black
SV 816 - Yellow

Catalog Numbers: SV811 to SV816, SV831 to SV836, SV851 to SV856, SVA811 to SVA816.


Modele Viva Compact

SV 711 - Blue
SV 712 - Green
SV 713 - Violet
SV 714 - Red
SV 715 - Black
SV 716 - Amber

Catalog Numbers: SV711 to SV716, SV731 to SV736, SV751 to SV756, SVA711 to SVA716.


Modele VLM Standard

Black screw.
Catalog Numbers: SV61, SV63, SVA61


Modele VLM Artist

Gilt screw.
Catalog Numbers: SV41, SVA41


Modele VLM Professional

Catalog Numbers: SV31E, SV21E, SVA31E, SVA21E, SVAX31E, SVAX31E


Modele VLM Augustin

Catalog Numbers: SV11E, SVA11E



Tailpieces with fine tuners; complete with loop.



Catalog Numbers: CV44, CV45, CVA44, CVC42, CVC44, CVC45.



Catalog Numbers: CVR31, CVR32, CVR33, CVCR31, CVCR33.



A Perlon core string that gives the feel of traditional gut strings but remains stable under temperature and humidity changes. Produces a warm, full-bodied sound.